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Have any questions or concerns? Peer through the Frequently Asked Questions about our services and systems.

Message Delivery

How many characters can I send in an SMS message?
For both incoming and outgoing, after 160 characters, the SMS becomes a multipart-SMS (or concatenated SMS). The SMS message is then split into parts with 153 characters each.

We recommend that the messages aren’t longer than 5 parts (765 characters) for optimal deliverance performance. Longer SMS messages can still reach their recipients, although with the risk of decreased deliverance quality.
Can I send images in my SMS messages?
No – SMS containing images are converted into MMS messages, which we do not support at this time.
Can I send links in my SMS messages?
Yes – There are no problems including links in your SMS messages. Per default, the links will also be converted into short links to reduce the number of characters in the SMS.
Can I send any characters in the SMS?
Yes, and no – Any characters not included in the GSM 7-bit default alphabet will require the SMS to be converted to Unicode. This increases the character count dramatically as the new character set must be included and sent with the SMS.

Learn more about the character set in this Wikipedia entry.
Can I use any sender name for my SMS?
An alphanumeric sender name can include 3-11 characters within the ranges [A-Z], [a-z], and [0-9]. Other characters may also work, depending on the recipient operator and network.

For Swedish recipients, å ä and ö can also be used.
How fast can you send SMS messages?
The throughput is affected by multiple factors, but we can generally send 60-70 SMS messages per second within Sweden.

These numbers may change depending on the destination and limitations of the message provider.

With larger volumes, configuring the batch before sending can take additional time.
Why did my message not reach the recipient?
Delivery problems can occur due to several issues. Here are a few steps for troubleshooting that the recipient can take:

1. Reboot your phone to refresh the network signal
2. Check if there are any phone applications/settings that are filtering SMS.
3. Clear the phone inbox to ensure it is not full (for older phones with limited SMS capacity).
4. Alternatively, you may want to swap the SIM card to another device to verify if the delivery issue is device-related.

Does the problem still persist? Contact our support team and we’ll assist you further!
Where can I see the delivery status of messages?
You’ll find general delivery report statistics on the Message Statistics page.

The Message History page shows the delivery status for each individual message sent from and received to our platform.

More information about different delivery statuses can be found here: Message Delivery Status

Bosbec Resources

Is there any limit for importing recipients?
No – You can have as many units as you want.

If a recipient disappears after importing, it is likely because of duplicate recipients or because the imported data could not be parsed correctly.
Can I export my Bosbec groups?
Yes – Right-click the group you wish to export and select “Export group.”

Many of the list elements on the admin interface contain additional options. Right-click on the element or click the options button at the right end of the element to learn more.


Why is my workflow not triggering?
1. Is the workflow active?
2. Does the workflow has an active trigger?
3. Confirm that your reservation is enabled.

Account Management

What are the password requirements?
To help keep your administrator account safe, your password must fulfill the following requirements:

1. At least eight characters.
2. At least one number.
3. At least one uppercase character.
4. At least one lowercase character.
5. At least one special character, e.g. !@#£¤$%&€=~_ . (whitespaces are OK)